Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Unusual Staffordshire Find

Hi everyone!
This was my incredible find while staying out in Gold Beach Oregon during the summer of 2006!
It was a once in a life time opportunity of 3 month journey, just me, the Pacific Ocean & my navigational map!
I might add that this trip was made possible through an old H.S. Prom Date back in the late sixties!I was asked to do some house & cat sitting while my friend and his lovely wife spent the summer in Ketchikan Alaska flying a Bush Plane so away I flew!
Now since my occupation is "Antiques Dealer" I was on a mission to find a few serious treasures. I scouted up & down the Pacific coast and through every town but never found anything that remotely came close to what my husband & I specialize in which happens to be Historical
Staffordshire China depicting American Views.
Then towards the end of my summer journey I decided to visit the Market Place, Antiques Center in Brookings, Or. {See business card below.}It was almost closing time when I discovered a gorgeous Historical Staff. plate w/ American Views of Mitchell & Freeman's China and Glass Warehouse, Chatham Street, Boston.

The plate was made by a factory in Staffordshire England by William Adams circa 1828-`1832
What I love about this plate are the Ships that are docked in the upper harbor of Chatham Street Boston.

I still continue to dream about returning back to Gold Beach some day. It was a place that held much beauty surrounded by Ocean, a small fishing industry and great wonderful people!
Back to reality, right now I want to get ready to leave the house as the sun is
shining and it feels like SPRING at last in the Poconos!!
Soon I will post a few photos of Gold Beach Oregon!


  1. oh yeah that business card looks really ghetto. i wouldnt think you would find such a treasure with such card.